Another go at it…

So, I’ve tried this blogging thing before and I must admit that I haven’t been very good at it. I never figured out how to post pictures in my old blog, so I got bored when I looked at it and eventually stopped posting. I don’t think anyone really read that blog anyway. Most recently, Ross and I used blogs to post our thoughts while we were reading through Ecclesiastes together. These were kept private so no one except ourselves actually read them – not the point of a blog (nevertheless, a good way to write out our thoughts).

I’m finally getting used to checking my own Google Reader on a regular basis and have been re-convinced by the Baughman’s that a blog is a great way to document life…whatever it may bring.

Stay tuned for life updates, photos of recent meal creations and other opportunities we create to use our new camera (that we have no idea how to use), random thoughts and links, and most likely a lot of pictures of Parker. Something tells me Ross will be satisfied with the blog if he can reference Snoop Dogg at least once. We’ll see how it goes!

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