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Well, I am not going to lie, the blog was Heather’s idea, and it is likely that going forward she will post more often. Nevertheless, I will give it a go, and try to get some post out there for your entertainment.

Speaking of entertainment, I am listening to some tunes as I type, and Air Force Ones by Nelly just started playing. Do you remember that song? Yeah, quality rap music. Give me two pers.

Anyhow, blogging, what is it all about? Well today I ran across the video below, and I think that it gives a pretty good explanation for those of you wondering about blogs.

Well, I hope that you all enjoy, and if you have some post ideas for us or just want to say hello, leave a comment.

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  1. I am humbled to be your first commenter. From one blogger to another, congrats – it has a nice, friendly look and feel. Well done.

    Now you have to keep posting :/

    Had a great time visiting you in Plymouth. Look forward to seeing you both (and Parker, of course) in September.

    Dad (Olsen, that is. I wouldn’t want to be confused with Pat)

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