We feel very blessed to have had so many visitors over the past few weeks and months. Thankfully, we are within driving distance to both of our families. However, with gas prices as high as they are, we know that it’s a sacrifice to get in your car and drive for 3-6 hours to see us. So, thanks for visiting:

Elisabeth and Steve Ball: The Chaseys were in dire need of some serious Ball-face-time. It was so good to have them here. They are the kind of company that I truly enjoy…the comfortable kind. They were our excuse to try out Grape Expectation, a wine cafe in Plymouth – SO GOOD! We also went to the Henry Ford Museum and went on the assembly line tour. Kind of strange to watch people while they work, but I guess they’re used to it…?

Ryan Chasey: Ryan has always been a fan of the Dodgers. So, when he found out the Dodgers would be playing the Tigers in Detroit this year, he and his friend Ben (who also has a brother who lives in Detroit) decided to meet up to go to the games. We joined them on Sunday – the day when the skies decided to open up at the bottom of the fifth and cause a mid-game rain delay. It was a hot day, so the rain definitely cooled things off a bit. The Tigers swept the Dodgers…sorry, Ryan.

Most recently, my mom, dad and brother, Erik, came to see our new house in Plymouth (we’ll post pictures of that later). In Mom fashion, she came with goodies. Among them were a pot of flowers for our front porch (don’t they look nice?) and a few bottles of Mona Vie. What is Mona Vie, you ask? We’re told, 1-2 oz. of this every day will make you healthier, feel more energized, etc. 19 “body-beneficial” fruits are packed into this stuff…that’s a lot of fruit. It’s a good thing it’s fruit, because if it was vegetables (v8 – yuck!), I couldn’t do it. It tastes pretty good, though. So, we’re trying it out until our supply runs out. And we’ll see if there are any noticeable differences in the way we’re feeling.

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