The Blitz

Last weekend we had the honor of accompanying 14 jr. high students on a weekend retreat at Bair Lake Bible Camp. It was definitely a fun weekend with crazy games (most likely the cause of me losing my voice for the next few days), snow tubing and hanging out with some really funny 13 year olds.

I’d like to say that it was challenging, too. Although the topic of “trust” was very applicable, the speaker wasn’t the best. On the last day he started by asking everyone to close their eyes and then read the entire creation story. Yea…our kids fell asleep. We took advantage of small group time to dig a little deeper with the kids, though. They really do have layers and every once in a while they let their guard down (put their cell phones away) and choose to talk about something real in their lives. I like that part.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

I was impressed by the guys that chose to spend their free time cross country skiing. It didn’t look easy. This is Danny.

Me and Krysta!

Broom ball. (Shh…don’t tell them the ball is to the right!)

Rock climbing!

The girls.

The whole group.

The pile of laundry that amounted to SIX LOADS!

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