2009 Green Street Fair

I used to work at a Convention Center that would host an array of trade shows. There must have been a secret contest of which booth could hand out the least useful knick knack. There were a handful of older ladies who were notorious for attending these events simply for the freebies. Our experience of the 2009 Green Street Fair was kind of like that except SO MUCH BETTER!

As the website notes Green Street Fair was founded to help educate and inform people of all ages about the benefits of green, organic and eco-friendly products and services. While I wouldn’t call us 100% “green” folk, we have taken steps to lower our economic footprint. A few months ago, I invested in reusable bags from One Bag At a Time. I love the brown and green color combo I chose and it makes toting my groceries (which you all know I do a lot of!) so much easier. Cashiers aren’t always ecstatic about using them, but I’ve chosen to ignore their eye rolls. (Most of the stores sell their own reusable bags anyway so get over it!) We also make a conscious effort to recycle – cereal boxes, plastic bottles, metal cans, paper (newspapers!). Our bin is usually quite full every week. I know there is a lot more we could be doing. For instance, I think it would be really cool to have our own compost bucket! I’d also love to get bikes – one with a basket for me to carry produce from the farmer’s market!

Our friends, the Baughman’s wrote a post regarding this topic and our “respect for creation”.

Back to the freebies…

(5) Reusable Bags (I also purchased two from Whole Foods’ booth)
(8) Nature’s Best dog food samples (each box also included a $5 off coupon)
(2) Cookies from Huntington Bank
(1) Dogswell dog food sample and coupons
(2) Dogswell dog treats
(2) Pads of paper from Greko Printing and Imaging and coupons for color copies
(1) Packet of Organic Sunflower Seeds from Gontina Building and Design
(1) Pelletized Compost soil mixture from Sullivan Corporation
Play It Again Sports $5/$15 Coupon
Bikram Yoga “First Class Free” Coupon

*Note: We got all of these items fairly. For some, we had to fill out forms and provided contact information – which we did truthfully. The dog food was being distributed four boxes to each person that walked by.

I should also note that the Meijer reusable bag came from a DTE booth where we signed up for Green Currents – a renewable energy option. In order for a portion of our electricity to be fueled by wind turbines in Michigan, $2.50 will be added to our electric bill each month. Although there is an additional cost, there are a host of benefits:

  • Reducing air pollution
  • Preserving the environment
  • Fueling the Michigan economy
  • Monthly fee is 100% tax deductible
  • Meijer gift card will be sent with our welcome packet

So, essentially, the monthly fee gets returned when we do our taxes, plus we get a Meijer gift card which I will definitely use! Seemed like a no brainer to us when we considered the other environmental benefits. (We can also cancel this at any time with no stings attached.)

Parker was wiped out after the outing! (He played with a Newfoundland!)

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