House Work: Help from the Olsens

It feels good to be productive. I am a task oriented person and love to check things off of my list whether it’s in my head or down on paper. It’s exhilarating. You other Type A’s know what I’m talking about.

This weekend we had two extra sets of hands to help with the first of many projects to come with our new house. Thanks to Mommy and Daddy O, we got so much done (here are some before and after pictures):

  • Freshly painted ceilings in the living and dining room
  • Primer in the living and dining room (the living room has a few sections left since we ran out)
  • Kitchen “degreased” (I worked on the stove and microwave while my mom scrubbed the walls and ceiling – all ready for paint now!)
  • Carpet removed upstairs (almost done with that one!)

Picnik collage2

  • Crown molding in two rooms (nursery and guest room/office)
  • Wainscoting and chair rail installed in the nursery (still need to prime and paint)

Picnik collage

Thanks for your help, Mom and Dad! (How do you like my mask? Just keeping Missy Miss safe!)

Picnik collage3

I’m tired. And thankful.

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