Baby Babble: Nursery Decor

UPDATE: We decided to go with a different main fabric than originally posted. So, the series of fabrics will look like this:



Here’s a sneak peak at what Missy Miss’ nursery will look like:

Fabrics (Heather Bailey):Fabric_1I’m also considering this as the main fabric. Can’t decide! (Thank you, Jackie, for your help!) I can’t wait to start sewing!


I LOVE colored glass knobs and hooks! And a chandelier is a must. I’m also in the market for a gold framed mirror to paint like this and hang above the dresser.


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  1. That’s the plan! I used to be quite the avid sewer (is that a word?). My dad recently found my record keeping book of my themed pillow sales in middle school :)

  2. What! No bunnies? (kidding)
    Heather, I love the colors! I can’t wait to see it all come together. I just know that when all is done, your little Missy Miss’ room will be beautiful and radiate not just with color and light, but with warm reflections of your love.

  3. What’s wrong with bunnies ? Harry’s room had lots of them and look how happy he turned out ! Really though, I like your choice in fabrics and believe me, kiddo, if I could sew a layette then you most certainly can ! It will be a heirloom !!! I still have a pomander you sewed for me one Christmas :-)

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