Baby Babble: What’s in a name?

Missy Miss’s real name has officially gone out on paper (shower invitation), so we wanted to officially announce it here as well:

Picture 1

My grandmother’s name is Annaliese and I’ve always loved the name. We’re spelling it a little differently (one “n” instead of two), though. We also like the meaning: graced by God’s bounty.

We have not decided on a middle name just yet, but we do really like the idea of reusing names from other members of our families.¬†Too bad we’re not having a boy…there could have been another George Washington Chasey in the world!

We can’t wait to welcome¬†Missy Miss Analiese into the world!

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  1. Analiese! What a cute name! This is going to be one pretty little girl knowing the attractiveness of her parents. Hopefully she has a brother at some point to protect her from boys!

  2. Cole, had he been a girl, would have been Analiese, spelled the same way! Though we were going to use Nellie for a nickname. :-) I love it!

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  4. OMG my name is Analiese this name is so uncommon it is a nice way to spell instead of anneliese and the other ways my middle name is Amy so my name is Analiese Amy

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