I LOVE sending Christmas photo cards each year to our dearest friends and family. There’s something very therapeutic about the entire process that speaks to a type-A’s soul. For me, it’s an opportunity to:

  • be creative – One of these days I’m going to get all of my work up on Etsy as samples so I can get paid to be creative for others. (I would so enjoy designing announcements, invitations or Christmas photo cards for you!)
  • update addresses – If ¬†we know you’ve moved, you’re bound to get a text or email from me requesting your new address. We recently compiled our contacts into one place and I will diligently keep it updated!
  • splurge – On stamps (it is not cheap to send anything through the mail these days, but it’s so enjoyable to receive something other than a bill or junk mail in your mailbox, right?) and envelopes…pretty envelopes that coordinate with my design.
  • use office supplies – Call me a dork, but I heart Avery labels. And yes, I prefer white labels over clear ones…even if the envelopes are colored! If I’m really ambitious, the labels will coordinate with the photo design.
  • assemble – I get a little giddy about this part…labels, stamps, envelopes, photo cards…oh my!

So, why am I talking about Christmas cards at the end of April? Well, as you may recall, we didn’t send Christmas cards this past year because we were anticipating sending baby announcements a few months later. And, in the interest of saving a little money, we opted to only do one mass mailing. Well, the time has come and the process of designing, buying and assembling was even more fun for me as we introduce our Analiese to you all. Although we wish we could have sent one to everyone we know (we’re pretty proud parents!), we couldn’t. What kind of blogging parents would we be if we didn’t post it here. Enjoy!

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  1. i LOVED getting this in the mail yesterday, Heather! thanks so much for sending one along to me – i love seeing how my photos are used. Your design skills are pretty rockin’, too!

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