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Someone recently said that they are more productive when they have a lot to do versus when they have extra time on their hands. I can relate. Our families and friends are coming into town this weekend for Analiese’s dedication at church. We’re hosting a brunch at our house afterwards which requires some prep ahead of time. I’ve gotten pretty used to working on whatever I need to get done each day in hour and a half increments since that’s how long Analiese usually naps. I accomplished the following during Analiese’s naps today:

  • Took a walk with Analiese to a local market for granola and strawberry jam. Chatted with Katie, the owner, about Analiese’s nursery and her kids’ room decor and walked out with three bouquets of free flowers.
  • Arranged my free flowers in various glass jars.
  • Pre-made chicken casserole for dinner tomorrow night. (Sally, this is one of my favorite things to make! Thank you for the recipe!)
  • Pre-made sausage and cut bread for breakfast casserole on Sunday.
  • Sewed two buttons on a coat.
  • Did a load of laundry (inspired by the biggest poop Analiese has ever made in – or should I say out – of her diaper).
  • Put away half of the random things that have been taking over the top of my dresser.
  • Made this flower pin for Analiese’s Sunday outfit:

…out of these old shirts that I don’t wear anymore, but couldn’t part with completely:

It’s only slightly coincidental that her outfit for Sunday coordinates with the decor for the brunch… :)

Note: “Clean the windows” did not happen today…

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