Yesterday was my 27th birthday. It was a great day spent at home with people I love.

Free lunch and dessert for the birthday girl! (Doesn’t Analiese look like she just wants to dive right into it?)

Pretty new bowls.

Yummo dinner by chef Ross.

Sangria with friends.

Homemade ice cream.

An excuse to use a new toy. (The stamp actually has our full address, but I smudged it out of the photo.)

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  1. What a lovely, special birthday for you Heather…and you deserve it! I just love both of your expressions looking at the dessert. All of it…(pictures and your writings), just wonderful! Love you, Mom

  2. Two cute girls and a handsome man in these pictures! You and Analiese have the same expression on your face looking at the ice cream….so cute! Glad you had a great birthday!

  3. Happy bday, Heather! You can tell Analiese is ready for solids from her face in that photo! Love those bowls too, very you.

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