This is a fake building

While Analiese and I were away last week (more on that later), Ross took a few walks downtown with Parker in the evenings (a favorite past time). He noticed that a new building had been constructed where an open lot had once been. Upon a closer look, he determined it wasn’t a real building – just a facade. Turns out, it was a set for the upcoming movie, Scre4m. (Yes, the 4 is the “A” apparently.)

Analiese and I took a walk down to the square to be a part of the commotion the other day. Plymouth has been hopping lately! There were so many people out, watching the behind the scenes take place.¬†We were told we missed Courteney Cox by about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anyone famous, but it was still kind of fun to see a glimpse of Hollywood right in our backyard.

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