Weekend Recap

  • Analiese and I attended MOPS for the second time and listened to a speaker talk about friendships. Good topic. I couldn’t believe that Analiese fell asleep in a swing in the middle of the nursery. She’s more flexible than I give her credit for.
  • Ross and I had our 6-month dentist appointments. Cavity free!
  • We dealt with the power being at half capacity for 24 hours. Definitely not as bad as having no power.
  • I went out with my husband to the Detroit Institute of Arts to see Jessica Fichot in concert, accompanied by a college friend of ours. We couldn’t understand most of the songs since they were in French, but we could definitely appreciate Jessica’s talent as a chanteuse (I learned a new word!), songwriter and multi-instrumentalist – she plays the mini-accordion and the toy piano! It reminded me of a favorite movie, Amelie, and also got my creative juices flowing for a French-themed first birthday party for Analiese. I don’t know…we’ll see. Just for fun, here’s the trailer for Amelie:

  • I worked on a design project for our church – get ready for…

  • We heated up some apple cider in lieu of our traditional Saturday-morning-decaf-coffee, bundled up and took Parker and Analiese to the library to pick up the first season of Mad Men. (Yay!) We walked through the Farmer’s Market, but didn’t get anything this time. It’s just fun to live in a town that has a Farmer’s Market within walking distance. :)
  • Ross fixed our garage door – quite possibly the best part of the weekend. Thanks, H. Ross!
  • We introduced Analiese to a new toy she received from Aunt Caroline, Uncle Tim and the boys. We kept our eye on her to see if she would start crawling. Not yet, but soon!
  • I made this soup for dinner on Saturday:

  • We got caught up on all of the season premiers we missed last week. Looks like we’ll be watching Modern Family, The Office and Glee together. I’ll probably watch Parenthood and Grey’s Anatomy on my own. Oh! Can’t forget about Mad Men, too!
  • Jones Design Studio did a tutorial on how to make a fall wreath out of burlap. I decided to make one:

  • We celebrated July, August and September birthdays after church on Sunday with a potluck which meant Ross had to make the side dish 45 minutes before we had to leave because with the power out the day before I completely forgot. Again, thanks H. Ross.
  • I dressed Analiese in an outfit her grandma got her from H&M. A pink plaid shirt under a patterned sweater with a tie belt. She got lots of compliments which made her Mama happy…and envious of her amazing fall wardrobe.
  • Ross worked on a section of the basement. We’re prepping for an entire basement DIY makeover in 2011. I’m very excited that the usable space in our house is going to increase by 33%.
  • I made BBQ Chicken Pizza for dinner on Sunday. I used a recipe that came with my Kitchen Aid mixer for the crust, shredded chicken (from a whole chicken I made in a crock pot – so easy), Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, and mozzarella cheese. Yummo!

And there you have it…a weekend with the Chaseys!

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