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I learned how to sew when I was in middle school. Soon after I crafted my first pillow, I decided that this was something I could do to make some money. I immediately began a business, sewing custom pillows in my parents’ basement. I loved going to JoAnn Fabrics to pick out what I thought were the coolest prints ever. Thinking about them now, I’m pretty sure they weren’t very cool, but our neighbors were kind enough to indulge me for awhile with a few sales.

I was thankful that my mom used to sew her own clothes and could guide me as I took on more challenging projects down the road. I loved making my own pajama pants…I had the freedom to make them super long, too! Eventually, I made the dress I wore to my high school graduation. I can follow patterns, but I usually have a vision for something that I don’t have the patience to find in a pattern book. For my graduation dress, I may have used a pattern as a guide, but since my version had to be exactly what I had in my mind, I had to improvise a bit.

Pillows are super easy to make up as you go. Once again, I had a vision of what I wanted, but everything I found in stores or online were so expensive. IKEA pillow inserts are under $7.00, so if I found fabric I liked, I knew I’d save money by making my own.

A few months ago, my friend, Katie, introduced me to Jones Design Company. Emily is so creative in many different areas. I love her house, style, home office, blog design and tutorials. Everything is right up my alley. But what caught my attention was a staged living room she set up during a summer boutique in her garage. (I mean, even the garage is pretty great.)

I was drawn to the combination of fabrics, textures, patterns and colors. We already had some lime green going on in our bedroom so this was the perfect inspiration for adding some personality to our room. I spent weeks trying to hunt down a yard of Amy Butler’s Primrose fabric in olive. Weeks. For one yard. I even enlisted the help of other Etsyians–using the Alchemy feature–but everyone was coming up dry. It was nowhere to be found…sold out…discontinued….never to be printed again. So sad. So, I decided to keep the pillow styles in mind–one with ruffles, one with fuzzy ball trim, a bold pattern, a softer pattern…you get the idea–and figure out a different fabric to work with. The other major difference to note is that our bedroom has a lot of brown/ivory, not black/white.

I started looking everywhere for new inspiration. I (sheepishly) began watching Cougar Town (Sidenote: I still maintain that the title is very deceiving and the show is cute…three guys, three girls…all friends. Sound familiar?) and love Jule’s living room. I especially enjoy the fabric on her barstools: Thomas Paul’s Robin print. My mother-in-law and I found it at a fabric store in Fort Wayne. Holy expensive. Moving on from that idea…

I’m not sure how I stumbled across 6th Street Design School, but here’s yet another really talented gal who started her own business. She offers various interior design services to clients who need assistance with picking colors, fabrics, room layout, etc. One day, she explained her services in more detail and posted a few examples. This one caught my eye:

Brown and ivory base – check. Round mirror – check. Ruffle pillow I could make myself – check. I’m a huge fan of the zig zag pattern right now (it’s even in the background of my pipe|up logo). I also really love the curtains and bamboo shade combination, too. Hello inspiration!

Between a trip to Heritage Fabric’s clearance section in Fort Wayne, Indiana and taking advantage of JoAnn Fabric’s 50% home decor fabric sale, I found affordable fabrics that I really like and began sewing. A few weeks later, I am so pleased with the end result.

{ lots of textures, colors and patterns. the brown felt pillow with the flower is the only store bought pillow and it’s from Home Goods. }

{ the chunky, herringbone pillows are a euro sham size. we received euro shams from pottery barn for our wedding that were about due to be replaced. we reused the pillow insert. }

{ i went back to my original inspiration and incorporated the fuzzy ball trim and a ruffle pillow. }

{ tada! }

Now, usually, these pillows are ALL on our bed. I’m a little embarrassed at how I’ve put us right in the middle of the cliche of having that many pillows on the bed, but I so enjoy making our bed every day and seeing them work so well together. To me, the color scheme is one that can work all year by pulling out different accent colors.

{ yep, that’s the arrangement every day – zebra print on ross’s side, floral on mine, ruffles in the middle. }

{ love the way it ties in that green throw and the green chair in the first set of pictures. }

{ one more photo to show off our innovative night stands. }

Thanks to Jones Design Company and 6th Street Design School for your creativity and style inspiration!

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  1. Hi Heather. I love your pikkows! Especially the ruffled one. We have loads of
    pillows on our bed, and actually use all of them, when we sit up reading in bed.
    I remember when my boys were small (I had no car) I spent alot of time sewing.
    It’s a good winter pastime. love, grandma

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