The Weekly Parker – Friends

Parker has some new friends! While he’s never met them, I am sure that they would all have fun together. The pups below are our friends’, Brian and Sissy, dogs. Both are a pug and miniature pinscher mix.

Shakley's dog Duece

{ Above is Deuce, and below is Darla. }

Shakley's dog Darla

Then, since this is a weekly Parker post, we couldn’t forget Parker, so below is a picture of Parker when he was around the same age as Deuce and Darla – 6ish months. It looks like he has just been washed.

Parker after a bath

Final note, the photos above of Deuce and Darla are done by Brian, who happens to be a pro photographer. So, if this was our high school newspaper, I’d put a little “Photo by Shakley” on the pics, but for now this link and watermarks will do.

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  1. Can everyone agree that Deuce is just way cuter than Darla? I tell her to her face. :) It’s a good thing she’s a dog and doesn’t understand English.

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