Tutorial: Asymmetrical Frame Collage

There’s a unique challenge to hanging framed photos and artwork correctly. A single frame is somewhat easy to center properly, but when you’re working with multiple frames, it can be difficult to line them up the way you want. Personally, I don’t have a very good eye when it comes to measuring things.

When I hung the IKEA Ribba frames in Analiese’s room, I came up with a system that seemed to work well. I used the same system when I hung a quartet of family photos in our hallway. Everyone probably has their own way of doing this, but here’s my method:

{ here’s the very bare wall that showcases the thermostat and marks on the wall. blah. }

{ 1. decide which frames you want to use. }

{ 2. trace the frames on a piece of paper. i used packing paper which was large enough to fit all four frames on one piece. }

{ 3. cut out the traced frame outlines. }

{ 4. measure on the back of the frame where the nail is going to hit the mounting hardware. }

{ 5. now measure and mark that same spot on the piece of paper. }

{ 6. hang the pieces of paper where you want to hang the frames. }

{ 7. with the paper still attached the wall, hammer a nail into the designated spot on the paper. }

{ 8. remove the paper from the wall. }

{ 9. hang the frames. voila! }

{ 10. enjoy a newly decorated hallway, bedroom, living room, etc. }

A closer look shows that the frames I was using are the kind that are probably better off sitting on their stand than being hung. Nevertheless, we’re happy with the way it turned out. When I did the collage in A’s room, I decided to forgo the hardware that came with the Ribba frames and instead used two nails for the frame to rest on. The Ribba frames sit so well against the wall, but can be difficult to get just right using the hardware they give you. If you have a better method, please share!

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  1. “Everyone probably has their own way of doing this…” Haha…yes, mine is to have my mother come do it for me.

    Thanks for posting this. I know we need something above the love seat in our living room but I should probably wait until I pick a paint color.

  2. The pictures look great!!! I have removed the back piece on frames that are meant to be on a table, fyi. Just have to be sure you don’t want to put the picture on a table in the future. As usual, your artistic side emerges with precise and wonderful results!!!

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