Tutorial: Custom Bumper Ties

As with everything else we did ourselves for Analiese’s nursery, I couldn’t just buy a bumper and call it a day. I had some left over fabric from the other projects and decided to make the ties coordinate with the other Heather Bailey items. Here’s how I did it:

{ 1. buy a bumper and remove the ties by cutting away the stitching around the ties only. if your new ties are going to be wider than the original ones, you’ll need to make the holes a little wider as well. }

{ 2. use the original ties as a template for how long your ties should be.* cut strips of fabric that length and however wide you want your ties to be. i made mine about 2.5 inches wide, allowing for 1/4 inch seam allowance on each side. the finished ties are 1 inch wide. }

* We have the IKEA Gulliver crib. The four corner posted are much wider than the rest of the spokes. Had I thought about it a little more, I would have made the ties that went around the wider posts a little longer.

{ 3. iron the edges over about .25 inch on all four sides. }

{ i did the short edges first, and then overlapped them with the long edges. }

{ 4. fold the fabric in half lengthwise and pin together. }

{ 5. iron over the fold for a crisp look. }

{ 6. stitch around the edge. i used the right side of the sewing machine’s footer as a guide so i could get close to the edge, but not so close that i risked missing the fabric on the bottom. }

{ 7. take your finished tie, fold it in half, and insert the folded edge one of the holes from the original ties. }

{ 8. pin in place. }

{ 9. sew two lines of stitches over the inserted tie. }

{ 10. repeat steps 3-9 for remaining ties. }

And there you have a pseudo-DIY bumper.

Did you know bows and knots look a lot better if you tie them upside down?

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  1. would you be interested in sewing some stuff for me as a paid job? I’d love a couple custom pillows! I’m so impressed you make your bed so perfectly every day! If you saw my blog you would know that I can’t even pull off a cake made from a mix!

    1. Sally – of course I’d be interested! Sounds like fun! Let’s chat at MOPS. And…what’s your blog url?!

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