The Weekly Parker – Millie Tribute

Millie in the Sun

This Weekly Parker is dedicated to the late Millie Chasey, my parents’ dog, pet, and friend of 10 years. Last Friday Millie passed away. Millie was a good “aunt” and friend to Parker over the years.

{ Millie and Parker watching squirrels at my parents’ house in March 2008. }

{ Millie was very generous with her abundance of dog pillows. When was this picture taken? Yep, you guessed it – Fourth of July 2008. Parker’s polo gives it away. }

{ My Dad and Mom with Millie and Parker during a visit to Michigan in 2008 as well. }

{ Buddies – 2009. }

{ Millie resting in the yard at the lake in 2008 }

Millie and Parker never complained about having their picture taken, so we have lots of good photos of both of them. But to end this short tribute, I found a couple quick videos of Millie. She’ll be missed. Farewell Sis!

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to Millie. It is so sad to lose a pet as special as she was. I understand how close you all were and I am sure you will all miss her. On the bright side, it is so nice that you have photos and videos of the special moments to remember the joy she brought to the family. Thank you for sharing.

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