Analiese: 11 Months

Dear Analiese,

Oh, what a month it has been! As I think about the last four weeks, I realize that you are such a different little girl than you were 11 months ago. You have grown so much and are doing so much! Gone are the days of leaving you on your play mat while I run to the bathroom. You are on the go and very curious!

{ I couldn’t resist. Sorry. }

Of course, this month was exciting because of the multiple Christmas celebrations and time with both sides of your family. You had constant attention from everyone. We joked that you were going to be bored with just having your mama and daddy around, but it seems like you’ve enjoy having some down time. You certainly have plenty of new toys to keep yourself occupied and busy. And yet, as stimulating as those toys are, you’d prefer at least one of us to just be on the ground with you to keep you company. You’re also quite content to snuggle up on someone’s lap to read a book.

You’ve mastered climbing all the way up the stairs to visit whoever might be up there. Getting down is another task we need to work on. In other words, it would be best if you wouldn’t push yourself off from the stairs backwards in hopes of being caught.

We started giving you baths in the big tub. We also realized that you pee in it every single time once your toes touch the warm water. I guess it makes sense, but we have to come up with a solution. You just can’t bathe in your pee forever.

You continue to be a sleep champ and we love you so much for it. We had a fun evening over at Aunt Krysta and Uncle Dan’s house to ring in the new year. This meant putting you to bed at their house while two little rambunctious boys ran around and made sounds that boys make. And then later waking you after midnight, driving you home and putting you back to bed. Not a peep. You slept until 7 a.m. You’re awesome.

There are some things that you don’t enjoy very much: putting on a coat or sweater (or any clothes at all, really); having a toy taken away without replacing it with something else; not being able to find your lovie in the middle of the night; getting strapped into your car seat; not being in your crib when it’s nap time.

You’re sounds are starting to sound like words: “hi”–when you pick up the phone; “Dada”–when daddy comes home from work; “done”–when you close a book; “uh oh”–when you throw your food or sippy cup onto the floor from your high chair. (We’re not a fan of that last one, by the way.)

You offer kisses (granted, they’re open mouthed, very wet ones), turn lights on and off, bounce up and down when music is playing and clap.

You’re beginning to understand the concept of sharing. That baby doll that Uncle Erik gave you enjoys her bottle so much! On the other hand, as much as we’d love to put that lovie that you stick up your nose into our mouths, I think we’ll pass. But THANK YOU!

One evening, I was laying on the couch while you played on the floor next to me. You attempted to stand up and balance without holding on to anything, but quickly lost your balance and bumped your head on the floor. You started crying so I picked you up and laid you on top of me as I tried to comfort you and your bump. Usually, you pull away when you’re upset, but this time was different. You clung to me and even pressed yourself into me, wanting to feel safe. What a sweet moment that was for me. Even though you were hurting and I wanted you to feel better, my heart was full from your affection for me. Later that week, your daddy and I were talking about the topic of prayer and he recalled this moment of you literally pressing into me and noted what a great image that was to understand what God wants from us, His children–for us to press into Him, to cling to Him, to be safe in Him. We pray that you would know God in that way some day.

Love, Mama and Daddy

{ Mama and her girl. }

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  1. This is my favorite update yet. How did she grow up so fast? Really, Analiese, almost a year old, really?

  2. ”You just can’t bathe in your pee forever.”

    that’s my favorite. can’t believe she’s almost one…where did the year go? she’s beautiful, love the update.

  3. A true tug at the heartstrings in this one Heather. You are so enjoying the blessings of motherhood and I am reliving my own experiences through yours. How wonderful!

    Love you,

  4. Hi Analiese. You are growing so fast, and becoming so inquisitive. It’s wonderful the way you enjoy your mom, and she’s loving it. These stories you are sharing with us are just great. love you all, grandma and grandpa

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