Birthday Headband

Look what I made this morning!

I was inspired by a recent comment someone made about the headband Analiese wore for our family photos. We never did an official post about these photos which would have given the amazing Jenn Anibal the credit she deserves for taking beautiful photos. (Even if we did get into a little trouble for being in the “un-mowed” section of the park. Oops!) About two posts later, Jenn changed her website and you can now see her work here. Still fabulous. I would have also mentioned that Analiese’s precious headband is from the very talented Lou and Lee. So pretty.

Anyway…I’ve been cutting felt like crazy these days. So, when Diana mentioned the idea of making one herself, I thought it might be doable. I just happened to find a very similar brooch applique when I was at Hobby Lobby. It’s a little larger than the one in the center of the Lou and Lee headband, but I couldn’t resist it when I saw it. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about making a headband with it. I just had to have it!

The piece of cardboard it came on had a website: Unfortunately, they only sell wholesale to businesses, but they have a great selection of embellishments. If I didn’t have one of these, I probably would have used a button or a yo-yo.

I made my own template for the felt flowers and used scrap fabric for he leaves. For the band itself, I cut a strip from the leg of a women’s pair of tights. A little hot glue later, I had myself a piece that resembled what I had purchased from Lou and Lee.

We went out this afternoon (a must with the expected snow storm coming tomorrow) and received so many compliments! Thanks for the inspiration, Diana!

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  1. I gotta say, she looks more and more like you, Heather, every day… :) And if we ever have a girl, we’ll use your services for head bands and door decor.

    Question – did you ever do the “pencil test” before you got pregnant? And if you did, was it right? Have you heard of the test? I need to know these answers before I continue this conversation….

    1. If you only saw some of my baby photos…the similarities are so evident.

      I have no idea what the pencil test is. I’ll google it now because you’ve made me curious. Let’s say I did do the pencil test and it was right…where would this conversation go next?!

      Are YOU getting a rain jacket, Mr. February birthday? It’s a great idea!

      1. Did you figure out what the pencil test is?! Because apparently, according to said test, Sissy and I will be having 2 girls. And although I would love to have a baby girl someday, I need a boy too. I don’t know how many cheerleading and gymnastics camps I’ll be able to take before I need to throw a football around or something. :)

        I’m kind of kidding, and kind of not kidding. I’ll be happy and blessed no matter the outcome, but really, the point of the story is that I can’t imagine how dangling a pencil tied to a string over your wrist could ever predict the babies you’ll have.

        And yes, I’m leaning to the rain jacket. I just can’t decided which one. These decisions were probably easier when I was 1.

        PS – Ross, I wore your Jordan sweatpants to the gym this morning. Boom.

  2. PS – Does Analiese want a rain jacket for her birthday too?? I hear it’s what all the February birthdays get for their big day.

  3. Heather – I love how you share these really cool things on your blog. I am not very good at making things, especially by myself. However, I have been quite proud of myself a couple times when I did a two or three night class where in the end I took home a handmade woven basket! For this non-craftie person, it was so great. I could have never done it by myself. Have you ever considered leading a class in a project such as this hair pin one or the flower initial? Just wondering! Chris

  4. The head band is sooo cute! Well the model is cuter! I have a pic here of Ross too, that Analiese resembles as well:) Similar facial expression as in the last pic…she is very cute!

  5. It looks FANTASTIC. Man, now I really need to get on it. And I am jealous I cant run down to Hobby Lobby and pick up one of those sequin things. P.S. Did you just cut out the felt by hand or do you have one of those fancy machines??

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