Plymouth Ice Festival

Today we all (minus Parker) bundled up and made the 2 minute drive up to the Plymouth Ice Festival. Last year temps were in the high 40s so the ice sculptures were melting quickly, but this year, we’d be lucky if it hit double digits. Analiese wore her snowsuit for the first time, and she had on about 3 to 4 other layers. After a quick stroll through the park, Mama and Daddy were much colder than Baby.

{ Analiese admiring some ice sculptures, which were pretty impressive. }

{ Me and Analiese – I got cold a lot quicker that she did. }

{ Mama and Analiese – both braving the elements in style. }

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  1. It has been REALLY cold here in Cincinnati too! Hoagie’s paws can’t take the cold and his walks have been much shorter. Bundled up as you all appear, I got a chill just looking at you! The ice sculptures are quite something though.

  2. Mary Claire was so ticked when she overheard us talking on the phone. She forgot that you had a “real” baby and wanted to turn around and meet Analiese. I had to remind her that that would require us going back outside before she let up. We had a nice day though and appreciate your recommendations for the restaurant and the directions.

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