Tutorial: Felt Flower Monogram

As Analiese’s first birthday quickly approaches, my to-do list of DIY decorations is a bit daunting. The blogs I read (Ohdeedoh, House*Tweaking, Under the Sycamore, Whatever, and Jones Design Company to name a few…) leave me wanting to create, design and craft every day. That’s not the easiest goal to attain when you’re a mama to a curious one (!) year old. But I love the sensation that comes with finishing a project myself. I must create. It’s as simple as that.

I have high hopes that one day that daughter of mine will A) have an appreciation for the hours her mama put into making things special for her even though she won’t remember any of it and B) have her own love for creating things, too.

Our house is slowly being transformed into a birthday party. As I finish a project, it goes up and we enjoy it until party day.

Which brings me to this tutorial. When I saw Emily’s flower pin tutorial, I wanted to make a million flower pins for Analiese and myself. They are so pretty and can easily adorn a baby or lady alike. I decided to try to take it a step further and use the same concept to make an “A” door hanger to greet Analiese’s birthday party guests. Overall, this project is fairly easy (no sewing skills required) but time consuming.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Let’s start with the “A” template. I realize that I could have saved some time here and purchased a paper mache letter from a craft store. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from. However, I had what I wanted in my mind and the options I saw at the store just weren’t it. I was also afraid that the store bought ones wouldn’t have enough room in the center of the “A” to be seen enough. So, I decided to make my own by choosing a font I liked and printing it. Thankfully, we have plenty of cardboard in our garage. Thank you, Pampers!

I enlisted Ross’s help for this part. We sequestered ourselves in the basement after Analiese went to bed a few nights ago, turned on Step Up (the first one…we have all three, by the way) and crafted away.

{ 1. Trace letter template onto cardboard. Repeat 6-8 times depending on the desired thickness of the finished letter. }

{ 2. Cut out letters from cardboard. }

{ 3. Glue cardboard letters together. }

This next step wasn’t part of the original plan, but Ross suggested it would be a good idea to wrap the letter with a layer of felt for a nice finish. It was a really good idea!

{ 4. Create a template to wrap the letter using a large piece of felt. Trace the letter and then allow for 1.5″ extra around the outside. Repeat for the back. }

{ 5. Cut out the fabric. Cut into the corners so you’ll be able to fold them over the sides. }

{ 6. Wrap the center of your letter (if there are any “holes” in the letter you’re creating) with scraps of felt. }

{ 7. Glue the fabric to one side of the letter. Turn over and glue the other side. }

Now that the letter is wrapped, it’s ready for the flower embellishments. I added the flowers to the non-smooth side of the letter. That way, the back side had a clean, finished look.

{ 8. Trace flowers onto felt using the flower template. I freehanded mine, but you can use the one Emily provided, too. }

{ 9. Cut out all of your flowers. What a difference a new pair of scissors (dedicated soley for fabric) makes! I cut about 120-140 flowers. }

{ 10. Fold flower in half and then in half again. }

{ 11. Snip off tip. }

{ 12. Apply a dab of hot glue to the bottom of the flower and adhere to your letter. }

And again…and again…and again…(this took a looong time!)

{ 13. When you’re finished, you can either lean it against the wall or hang it with a ribbon and straight pins. }

{ 14. I hung ours on our front door. It’s on the inside now, but will go on the front on the day of the party. }

I love it! And I’m sure this party decoration won’t be hiding in a closet post-bash. This is a keeper. Maybe if I get ambitious enough I’ll do a “B” and a “C” for the future basement playroom…

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  1. WOW!!!! Very impressive…it looks great! I agree it is a real keeper! You and Ross make a good team:) Some day Analiese will be helping you the way Ross used to help me with projects! Looks like he is still a good helper!

  2. GREAT JOB! I saw the tutorial on jones design company and saw your link. This is so cute. Exactly how long did it take you?!
    I did the rose pin on jones design company and it came out okay. I need more practice though.

    1. hi helen! thanks for your comment. i’ll be honest, it took a really long time to complete the “A”. i honestly lost track of how much time i spent on it since it was something i put down and picked back up many times in between my daughter’s naps. it definitely took a few hours total. it would have taken less time if i had used a pre-made chipboard letter from a craft store. my initial plan was to put flowers on the sides of the letter, so i wanted to make sure the whole in the “A” was big enough for that. i ended up not doing the flowers on the sides, so i’m not sure if a store bought one would have worked as well or not. i’m so happy with the end result, though.

  3. So cute!!
    I made one for my daughter, but the whole name. I’d like to Share with you because you were my inspiration
    I cut about 227 flowers and counting.

    Thank you very much her ​​crafts are beautiful.

    God Bless.

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