Our hearts and tummies are full from celebrating Analiese’s birthday with friends and family. Our ONE YEAR OLD (!) is sound asleep after a busy, happy day–lots of love and sugar, one less nap than usual and new toys, books and clothes. We are all so blessed.

A party post with pictures as well as 12-month post will be up soon. (I was easily convinced to continue doing these through the second year.) First, I’m going to enjoy a few days with my dear friend and her sweet little baby boy. We may not change out of our pj’s tomorrow.

Here’s one photo from the day:

Time to call it a night!

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  1. Hi! You have a beautiful daughter and a great blog! I thought you might think it was funny/be interested that I was born Leslie Christine Chasey! I never knew many chaseys, and definitely no one with a Christine in their name. I actually went by Christie growing up. I’m now married with two kids of my own. I was “googling” my birth name and found you!
    Anyway, nice to see you distant relative!!
    Take care,
    Christie (Chasey) Bednar

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