Valentine’s Day

I just searched our blog for last year’s Valentine’s Day post when Analiese was a mere 9 days old. Aww….

Although we don’t really celebrate the day as a holiday, I took advantage of the opportunity to be a little festive:

This was a totally free project since I used materials that I already had in the house. The two pieces of double-sided scrapbook paper were left over from Katie’s baby shower and Analiese’s birthday party. The book pages are from an old book from my mother-in-law, intended for crafts. I made myself a template and started tracing and cutting. Then, I stitched them together with my sewing machine. They are attached to the window frame with tape. Nothing fancy. I think they’re cute and whimsical. They are very visible from the street, which has made me even more self conscious about the fact that we are in a fish bowl whenever we dine at our table (right in front of these windows)…including early morning breakfasts with Analiese…pre-shower and pre-makeup. It is time to get some window coverings!

I also took some inspiration from fellow bloggers to do a few cute things for Ross. One of these stickers went on his apple in his lunch, he got some new socks, and he got a few treats in his valentine from me and Analiese (we used the “be mine” design). I’m smitten with my H. Ross! Have a great day!

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  1. How very creative! The one heart from a book page reads ” I remember”. I realize it is random, but it caught my eye as appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

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