Pinterest is Addicting

A few weeks ago my friend, Brian, told me about Pinterest. I didn’t have time to look into it right away, so I kind of forgot about it. And then I remembered. And now I’m addicted. Thanks, Brian.

Seriously, though, what a great online tool for organizing anything and everything you love. Because I get a lot of my craft ideas and home inspiration from blogs, I’ve had to come up with a few different ways to catalog anything I want to come back to or remember. Delicious, Evernote and starring posts in my Google Reader don’t even come close to the awesomeness of Pinterest. And as my friend, Krysta, said, “it’s just so pretty!” And, it’s all in one place. No need to leave 36 tabs open on my internet browser because I haven’t had a chance to copy and paste photos into Evernote–a dream come true for H. Ross.

So, the idea is that you create “boards” which serve as your categories. You can edit, add, delete anytime you want. Here’s my dashboard where you can see some of my boards:

Then, you “pin” items your boards. When you (or anyone else) clicks on the image, it takes you back to the original source. You can also “repin” someone else’s pin to your own board, which gives the proper credit to whoever started the pin. Here are some of my pins from my “Things To Make” board:

Fun, right? Right.

If you are interested in finding out more information regarding one of my pins you can visit my boards here. But don’t you dare stop with my boards…there are some inspiring, inventive, creative, and delicious pins out there…just start searching!

You can also request an invitation to join Pinterest yourself here.

Happy Pinning!

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  1. Cool – this is kinda similar to an approach I am implementing with with a client – 2 clicks from anything and everything that matters – all on one page!

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