The Weekly Parker – Emmie

Parker has a new friend and “family member.” My parents recently got a puppy, a miniature schnauzer, and her name is Emmie. And since I’ve missed a couple weeks of The Weekly Parker, here are some extra pictures of Emmie and Analiese.

{ Emmie in her crate. }

{ Emmie wasn’t too comfortable with Analiese. Here she is barking at A. }

{ Maybe this is why Emmie kept a close eye on Analiese. }

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  1. Thankyou for the update. Analiese is so precious and growing up. Fun to see this and how happy she is. I enjoyed looking at your decorating skills also. You really are very talented. Your couch with all the different pillows …..looks great. I was thinking of having the rooms painted a light grey instead of just white…..The navy chairs will go well but I may have to replace the navy/white sleeper sometime soon. What color do you think would go well? Take care. Love Nana

  2. I have to agree this is a very cute post. I love seeing little “A” reaching into the box and sitting in the cage! Heather knows the story of me sitting in a rabbit cage at about the same age…scared my Mom (Nana #1) a whole lot!

    Congratulations on your new puppy Pat and Bev…Emmie looks adorable :) – Christine

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