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  • We were away this past weekend for a family reunion with my mom’s side of the family. We are all spread out across this country and don’t have the luxury of stopping over for dinner or doing anything together on a regular basis. So, we decided to meet in Atlanta, Georgia to spend a few days together. We went to the zoo, cooked together, got dressed up for a night out sans kids, watched the Oscars and enjoyed each others’ company immensely. I do wish we all lived in the same neighborhood. That would be so nice!

  • Since we couldn’t take Parker with us to Atlanta, Grandma and Grandpa Chasey are watching him. We’ll be in Fort Wayne in a few weeks to celebrate H. Ross’s birthday, so we’ll get him then. Two and a half weeks without the little man! We miss him! But we are quite confident that he’s living it up in Indiana. He’s getting pampered today with a hair cut, treats and a new toy.

  • I attended a jewelry party to support Women At Risk (WAR) International a few weeks ago. The jewelry is all made by disadvantaged women or those rescued from traffickers and who are now employed with dignity. The exploitation of women and children around the world and even stateside is devastating. I learned about women and children who have a very little chance of surviving on their own. I honestly had no idea stuff like this was going on here in America. Toledo, Ohio is one of the most popular locations because of the convenience of so many interstates merging in that city. I walked away with two pieces of jewelry and a handmade bib for a sweet little baby. I feel like I should do more.

  • We recently became sponsors of sweet little girl, named Mari, through World Vision. This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while. We’ve mentioned it to each other from time to time, but never followed through until now. We decided to pick a little girl with the same birthday as Analiese so that each year we celebrate Analiese’s birthday, we can also think of Mari. Our hope is that Analiese will eventually be able to communicate with her, too. I’m so glad we’re finally doing this. We’re caring for and providing for a second child. How special it will be to watch her grow up and know that the Lord used us to make a difference in her life.
  • We have been enjoying our new gym membership this week! Now that Analiese is up for a few hours in the morning, we were in need of something to do outside of the house. I think it’s going to be such a treat in the summer, too, when we can use the pool and meet up with friends. Analiese and I have been going in the morning right after she eats breakfast. I drop her off in the childcare room and then head up to workout. It’s been so long since I’ve exercised and it feels so good to be back to it. I’m still getting used to the different routine and the fact that I am the newbie. I’ve convinced myself that forget how to use these machines and feel a little intimidated by everything. I can hardly remember my days of training for a half marathon or meeting Ross at the gym before our 8 a.m. classes in college. I really just need to get over myself and just do it. This morning, I warmed up on the eliptical machine and then ventured into one of the cardio classes. It was intense. I will definitely pay for it tomorrow. I left a little early, though, so I could shower before getting Analiese. When I got to the childcare room, she was sucking her thumb in a swing, being pushed by three or four other little girls. It was so sweet!

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  1. Is it weird that the first thing I thought while looking through these pictures was: Where’s Parker?!?


    1. it’s been so strange to not have him around. we’re looking forward to having him back!

  2. i can imagine Analiese thinking:

    “that’s right kids. keep pushing. i’m just gonna sit her and suck my thumb til mommy gets here. you’re all doing great, keep it up.”


    glad you’re back. selfishly.

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