Analiese: 14 Months

Dear Analiese,

It’s been mesmerizing to watch your little hands explore things in a different way this month. Puzzles, blocks, tupperware, and toys that make sounds easily find their way into your hands and you study them with your fingers. You so badly want to know what these things are and what you’re supposed to do with them. And as you play, you discover that the puzzle piece shaped like a pig, goes in the cut-out that is also shaped like a pig. And when the puzzle piece fits just right, it makes an “oink” sound like a pig and you say, “Ohhh!” You are delighted by the simplest things. We clap and celebrate because you figured it out and you are growing up.

{ Answering your cell phone. “Hello!?” }

{ Signing “more” for “more pizza, please!” }

{ Playing with your puzzle }

We’ve been spending a lot of time “reading” lately. You love all of your books! At night, this means that you sit very still and quiet while Daddy reads a story from The Jesus Storybook Bible before we pray together and lay you down to sleep. In the morning, this means picking a book from your basket, holding it, studying it and maybe turning a few pages until you lean over the side of the chair in search for the next book to hold and study. This is our most quiet time of the day together; when we sit so comfortably in our pj’s with a few books and cuddle. You crave this time because it’s replaced the time when we used to sit together for your morning meal.

Yes, you are officially weaned! You quickly and naturally began to figure out your independence. Girlfriend has a bit of an attitude when things don’t go her way! (You probably get that from your mama…) There was also the balance of what it meant to want me close, but not need me in the same way anymore. This was an emotional phase for both of us–it had always been such a special time for us, but we were both ready for it. The days that followed tore at my heart as we grieved this loss. You went through a brief period of separation anxiety which made it almost impossible to be in the same room as you if I wasn’t holding you or sitting with you. Thankfully, it was brief and we could move on to many more fun things that go along with being a 14 month old.

{ We were all so amazed at how content you were to sit in this box…it was full of toys…maybe that was it! }

{ “Nobody puts Baby in a…box…?” }

We moved on to swim lessons, crawling with objects in your hands so they make a sound as you go, being oh-so ticklish and giggly…you’re such a fun girl to hang out with! But you know your limits and take it upon yourself to take a break with your lovie when you need it.

{ Crawling with fruit snacks }

{ One day, Daddy picked you up from the gym and saw you were standing at the play kitchen, trying to put a yellow cup into the microwave…hmm…I wonder why you would try to do that! }

Perhaps, though, the most exciting news from this month comes from a milestone caught on video just a few days ago.

Analiese Takes Her First Steps from Ross & Heather Chasey on Vimeo.

You’re starting to walk on your own! (You preferred to hold the book…maybe for balance?) Crawling is still your preferred mode of transportation and probably will be until you’re more balanced and comfortable moving those legs. As you can see from the video, by take four you were done with walking on your own and wanted mama’s hand instead. Sweet darling, you can always have my hand! But, we’re so excited for you and for the world you’re going to discover on foot.

Love, Mama and Daddy

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  1. there are few things that make you sense how precious and sweet life is more than watching a baby take her first steps. i can’t wait to see where those steps take her in this crazy and beautiful world. thank you for sharing. xoxo.

    1. ashlee, you said it better than i did. i agree…i can’t wait to see where those little feet of hers take her!

  2. oh i love it! i watched that video three times instead of making dinner! :) love you, baby girl…(she’s not a baby anymore!)

  3. Yay for walking! Did you wean her directly onto a sippy cup?? Or does she still use a bottle for milk? Either way have you found a cup or bottle that you like best? We are getting ready…..

    1. We introduced a sippy cup (Born Free) with water when we introduced solid food at 6 months. When we did this, she took it really easily and has always liked drinking water. So, she had been used to drinking out of a sippy cup for a while. I weaned her very slowly–over a few months by taking away one nursing session at a time. The two middle ones went first…then the night one…then the morning one, since it was our (my) favorite and she seemed to eat the most during this session. As I removed the two middle ones (one at a time, not both at once), I replaced them with 6-8 oz. of warm whole milk and serve a meal (lunch and dinner) soon after. So, she finishes whatever is left during the meal. Then, if she’s still thirsty, she has some water. When I took away the night feeding, I didn’t replace it with anything and she adjusted to going to bed without anything perfectly. What a relief and a blessing! The morning one was replaced with another sippy cup of warmed milk followed by some rice cereal and fruit. Good luck!

  4. Can’t wait to see her “stepping out” in person. Great video. I watched it several times…all takes!
    Thank you again for your patience and thoughtfulness to keep us all included in Analiese’s life milestones.

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