Basement Progress: The Nitty Gritty Down Under

When Ross removed the wood paneling from the walls, it left a ton of nail holes in the cinderblocks that needed to be patched. Since we’re planning to put up drywall, we weren’t too concerned with how they looked, but we wanted to have a smooth surface to paint when we applied the masonry waterproofer. Once the holes were patched, we applied two coats of Drylok. Ross also patched some of the wood beams with some wood filler.

The main reason for #3 is to show that I’m doing some of the work, too. :) And there’s a reason we left two big spots unpainted in #4…more on that later.

I’d like to say that the next step is getting the drywall up, which I know is going to be quite the task itself. But, there are plenty of “little” projects we need to take care of first. Like…

The current plumbing for a sink is in what will be a workout area. The workout area isn’t very big, so we don’t want to take up any room with a random sink. But, if we’re going to be hosting get togethers and having guests sleeping down here, a sink might be a good thing for a number of reasons. The question is, how do we add a sink without it looking completely out of place and without compromising the space of the workout area. My dad suggested doing some sort of wet bar. We like the idea, but still need to figure out how to do it. Ross thought a water fountain–to fill his water bottle every morning, of course–would be a handy addition to the room.

The ceiling of the basement will be exposed. There are plenty of heat ducts that will be seen, but this one in particular is lower than the rest. We figured out that the previous owners re-routed it to accommodate the location of the refrigerator in the kitchen above.

The previous owners did a lot of their own handy work without considering ascetics at all. The extraneous wood is, in fact, holding that duct work up. So, when we remove it, we’ll need to replace it with something that isn’t as unsightly.

The area under the steps has a lot of potential, but for what? Shelves? Closet? We’re not sure yet, but we need to figure it out before we start framing everything.

Perhaps one of the most pressing issues is this:

A friend of ours suggested Sika-Proof Seal, but it’s only available through builder supply stores. So, we need to track some of it down and take care of the crack.

It’s amazing how a coat of paint–even gritty, waterproofing paint–can change a room. The consistent, white backdrop brightened up our dingy basement and gave us a little bit of hope in this DIY undertaking. We’re excited for the next steps!

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