Analiese: 15 Months

Dear Analiese,

At the beginning of the month, we had our first weekend away from each other. There was a time when I thought this day would never come. But sure enough, it came and went, and we both survived. While I was away you mastered playing “peek-a-boo” with Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa!

{ “Where’s Analiese?”………………………………………..”There she is!” }

You really are a sweet little girl. You share kisses and love to cuddle–especially when you’re sick, which unfortunately is somewhat often. Around the middle of the month, you had your worst cold yet. We were so sad for you when you couldn’t breathe through your nose well enough to suck your thumb and sleep well. We keep praying for you to be healthy.

{ I’m trying to be in more pictures with you! }

We celebrated Easter in Cincinnati this year with Nana, Poppa, Uncle Erik and Uncle Greg. You sat in the Good Friday service with us and were a bit distracting with all of the toy and food handling, but at the same time, it was fun to have you on my lap in church. We also got to spend some much needed time with your Aunt Elisabeth and Uncle Steve, which was wonderful.

{ You looked so pretty in your Easter dress! }

We are so thankful that it is finally starting to warm up. Our days at home have a little more variety now that we can go outside. You giggle when Parker is out with us and you LOVE your new sandals and sunglasses.

Mama’s friend Pamela invited us to a farm with animals to pet and ride. It was the first time you experienced animals other than dogs and you were enthralled by them all. You literally did a little happy dance and squealed when we stepped into the barn full of goats, piglets, lambs, bunnies and chicks. You tried to eat their food, which you quickly decided was not your best idea ever. But you also weren’t the least bit afraid of these creatures which were mostly much larger than you. You even walked right up to the franticly hungry piglet to see what was going on. Our day pretty much ended when he lost the bottle he was drinking out of and leaped on top of you in search of it. You didn’t like that very much and let everyone know it. Overall, though, it was such a fun experience!

Sometimes we can’t believe how quickly you’re growing up. You eat real people food, play with your toys, read your books and walk around the house like it’s your job. You understand so many words that we say and respond to them appropriately. For example, you perk up from your post-nap groggy state whenever we ask, “do you want some milk?” and point us toward the kitchen. You also say a few words in your own way: “shoes” (ha!), “done”, “no”, and “uh oh” are some of the words we hear often. You shake and nod your head, wave hello and goodbye, and mimic our movements and sounds.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You Hear? is your favorite book right now. }

Our friend at the gym, Lori, told me how you took another girl’s hand to bring her over to the tea party that some of the other girls were having. How sweet are you!?

You have many quirks, but one of our favorite ones right now is when you wear sunglasses around your neck. You are quite content to walk around the house, holding them in place.

Always changing and growing, but you are still our Baby Girl.

We love you! Mama and Daddy

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  1. I love all the activity going on… peek a boo, sunglasses & sandals, animal farm visit, basement remodeling. Your a fun family to follow! The black and white photo of father daughter is just beautiful.

    Have a lovely Mother’s Day Heather. Enjoy your family.

    Can’t wait to see you next weekend.
    Love you all!

  2. work, since the mother praobbly knows where you work and if not she will praobbly ask the daughter later where you work and that you had said you saw her there. That is a direct violation of HIPPA. I would have either changed the subject or gave a vague answer with no relation to a specific place or time. That way it avoids any more possible violations or lies on your part.

  3. Hey Morgan! Your interview was awesome. I picked up some great info and learned a lot.I read every blog you post and I visit your website everday.One thing I missed the other day was MorganLinton.TV show#2. I hope that you will post it so I can go back and watch it. Show #1 was awesome!!I appreciate, and am grateful for everything you do for the domaining community.We are very fortunate to have you around!D.Ray

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