Just Call us John and Sherry

My impression of John and Sherry is that they do every single thing together with a smile on their faces, holding hands and never saying anything to make the other one annoyed or upset. (I’ve referenced them here and here.) I realize this is a false view of two ordinary people. Sometimes, though, I have to convince myself that they, just like us, have flaws and disagreements. But, whenever we take on a house project, I feel like we need to be just like my fantasy version of them.

Well, we’re not them…at least not my dream-world version of them. But we have taken on a major DIY house project. Our goal is to approach this project with a lot of grace towards each other. We have different ways of researching and implementing, and we certainly have different ways of communicating. In spite of that, more than anything, we want the result to be something we can enjoy–not only because it’s going to be a great new space for us, but because we respected each other and our ideas along the way.

Yes, we’re refinishing our basement. From the before pictures below, you can see what we have planned for the space. This plan has already changed a few times, but this is what we’re thinking at this point. I can’t wait to have this much more space to organize, decorate and live in! We have visions of being able to watch Analiese play AND get some work done at the same time–whether it be folding laundry or designing some new things for pipe|up.

But first, we had to un-finish it. We just couldn’t stand that blue wood paneling any longer.

As you can see, we have a lot of work to do! Wish us luck!

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