What I’ve Been Up To

{ painted toe nails }

Yes, I painted Analiese’s toe nails for the first time. They are girly and wonderful. How did I do it? I trapped her in her high chair, painted one nail at a time, and almost passed out from blowing on them to dry them as quickly as possible. At first, she was quite fascinated with them and tried to pick the hot pink stuff off, but she soon forgot about them and went on her way.

{ spring wreath }

We needed a bright pick-me-up after such a long and dreary winter. I used the same burlap ruffle wreath from last fall (minus the autumn inspired flowers and bird) as my base and added an additional white linen layer on top (left over from our updated living room curtains). I gathered brightly colored scrapbook paper I already had and used Emily’s tutorial for these very easy rolled paper flowers. Everything is attached with straight pins, so I can easily remove everything and reuse the base of the wreath once again if I want.

{ new art and pillows in our bedroom }

The top painting is an abstract painting called “This is How I Roll” by Heather Offord. It was my 2010 Plymouth Art in the Park purchase and I love the colors! The piece below is a print of a water color painting by Ross’s dad’s cousin (who is also an amazing massage therapist! Multi-talented woman!). She was at a yoga retreat in the Maya Riviera and painted this while she was there. I immediately recognized the location as the place where Ross and I had our honeymoon. What a sweet reminder of our blissful week as newlyweds! The colors of both pieces are so complimentary of each other. I love that they both have meaning. Ross loves that there are now ten pillows on our bed. :)

{ a visit from a dear college friend }

Analiese adored Ellen and showcased the best of her cuteness during her short stay.

{ bracelets for orphans }

Craft Hope is a love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those who need them. With the support of my MOPS group, we joined a movement to bring hope to orphans in Russia through Orphan Outreach by making bracelets. The event was a success with a great turnout, and it was so much fun to hang out with other ladies while we worked on these bracelets for a good cause. Bracelets are being collected until June 15. Info on where to send them can be found here. Spread hope!

{ wedding guests }

We were away for a long weekend to attend a friend’s wedding in Indianapolis–such a great city, by the way. Analiese and Parker stayed with Grandma and Grandpa in Fort Wayne since it was on the way. We were so grateful for their willingness to stay back and let us have some time to ourselves and with friends. And it was so much easier to do everything! Oh, how we forget what it’s like to be just us. It was a nice little treat to be free of our parent responsibilities, but we missed our baby girl! There was another baby at the wedding and her little, navy, bubble dress made me giddy to return to Analiese.

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  1. Yea!!! I love the pic!! And I absolutely adored Analiese as well! She’s such a happy, beautiful little lady!!

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