Analiese: 16 Months

Dear Analiese,

Let’s begin with some of your recent quirks:

{ If you can fit your hand through it, it is considered jewelry. }

{ You are not interested in putting your feet on the grass, wood chips, our door mat, or anything other than concrete…even if you have shoes on.  }

{ The pinky under the ring finger thing is odd to us, but we find you holding your hand like that a lot. We’re not sure why. }

Your little personality shines brighter every day and we’re always amazed at how you’re turning so quickly into a little girl with a unique voice. While your words are very much still in your own language you are desperately trying to communicate and joyfully succeed many times. Every now and then we hear a word repeated like “bath” and your quick movement towards the tub tells us that you understand. At a recent visit to the pool, you patiently communicated to me that you were ready to leave. We hadn’t been there for very long, but as we transition from two to one nap, I’m sensitive towards your shift in moods. I did not bring your lovie to the pool (gasp!) and you wanted a cuddling break. You collapsed into my chest a few times–obviously a little sad–and pointed to the parking lot. I asked you if you were ready to go home and you nodded yes. I told you that I was going to put you down so I could get our things together and you made your way over to my flip flops and handed them to me. You are so smart, Analiese! It’s breakthroughs like this one that I realize that the screachy-cry of frustration is only a phase and will soon turn into words and teachable moments.

But these moments are also when we realize that our time of you needing us for everything is slowing slipping away. We try to not be too sad because we want you to be a confident, independent girl who tries things on her own, makes mistakes, learns from them, prays for wisdom, and tries again. And there will come a time when you won’t need to hold a hand while you do it.

But for now, we will enjoy every moment that you need our help to climb the play scape…

to push you in the swing…

to eat fake apples for your delight alone.

We love how you enjoy everything around you. You are a curious one. You want to explore. You want to touch things and know how they work.

You are curious about new sounds and love to watch people and animals go about their lives. At a visit to the zoo you giggled with delight when you saw the pigeons in the parking lot. I had a good feeling about the rest of our time there.

Often, when we are outside you will point to your stroller. You love taking walks around the block. We are so blessed by your smile, wonder, and joy, Analiese.

Love, Mama and Daddy

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  1. Dear Analiese. I love your expressions of delight. You are learning so many things; each day must be a new surprise. Since we have seen you, I imagine what you are doing during the day. Enjoy the wonderful summer weather. love you, grandma and grandpa

  2. What a great way to start the day; to see Analiese’s happy smile while she’s standing bare-foot on the living rug between the couch nd the table. We’d
    love to have that picture if you can send it. Happy Birthday too mom, Heather,
    tomorrow. Have a special day. love you all. grandma and grandpa

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