A Week at the Lake with Baby Girl

Analiese and I had a lake vacation in Indiana last week. Ross joined us on the weekends (and somehow made it into a lot more pictures than I did). Our time away was such a nice break from the normal routine. Here are some highlights:

  • Playing with rocks in the water and with new toys
  • Spending time with Grandma (Gigi), Grandpa, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Angie
  • Bathing in the lake
  • Taking pontoon rides (on which Analiese hardly ever sat still and made Grandpa very nervous as she walked from front to back, back to front, etc.)

  • Great naps and sleeping in a little later than usual
  • Blowing bubbles with Grandma
  • Playing with Ross’s old Fisher Price cars and people
  • Celebrating my birthday with mixed-berry crumble and homemade ice cream (we tweaked the crumble recipe a bit based on the kinds of berries we had, but it was still delicious and a great summer substitute for birthday cake!)
  • Watching fireworks go off across the lake to celebrate Independence Day

Of all of the pictures we took this week, this is one of my favorites:

{Analiese and her adoring Dad, Grandpa and Uncle.}

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  1. Looks like a great time was had by all. Analiese appears to be walking barefoot on the grass just fine now!

    love you,
    Nana O

  2. I just viewed the blog of you all at the lake.Loved Analiese off the shoulder bathing suit. She will have fun modeling as she gets older. Like Your haircut also. She is one beautiful, lovable little girl.
    You definitely did a great job on your friends house. I have not heard of a house selling in one day. Good for you. Nana

  3. Hi Heather. Looks like a good time was had by all. Can you send me 2 pictures.
    1. mommy, dad and Analiese
    2/ Analiese with her life jacket. thanks.
    ps love your haircut. love to all. grandma and grandpa

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