Analiese: 17 Months

Dear Analiese,

Oh dear…you are growing up so fast! The past few weeks seemed to fly by as most warm, sunny, summer days do.

We have so many pictures of you that it’s no wonder that you know exactly what to do when a camera starts flashing away at you.

Since the weather has been warmer, we’ve ventured to a few parks where you love to explore. There’s always a new adventure at hand (as well as large openings from a few feet up that make Mama slightly nervous).

You really love to be outside and take in your natural surroundings–flowers, leaves, sticks, rocks–you want to touch (and eat…and organize) it all.

You LOVE water! You love taking baths, splashing in puddles and the pool, and you’d much rather get wet in the rain than have that scary umbrella open up to protect you.

Parker isn’t always willing to stay still long enough for you to pet him. (I’m sure it has nothing to do with your spastic version of petting.) Hoagie, on the other hand, was extremely patient with you and you’ve begun to understand “gentle”.

{You can pretty much get away with anything with the grandparents…}

{Grandma got a few 1.2 second pedicures from her favorite grand-daughter this week.}

It’s amazing to us how much you comprehend and respond to positively. You understand the words we say and you mimc what we do. You’re learning to give hugs, you beeline to your bedroom when we say “nap time”, you tug at your diaper when it’s dirty, sign “all done” when your food is gone as well as when you’ve finished a task you set out to do, and you can now say “shoes” and “duck” quite confidently. But when it comes to saying someone’s name, EVERYONE is an enthusiastic “baba!?” (yes, it sounds like a question.)

Speaking of responding positively…we’ve begun working on the concept of sharing. Usually, you’re willing to give a toy or whatever you’re holding to someone else, but you’d like it back right away!

Although you have your moments of frustration and crying, you’re such a sweet girl to be around. You are a natural performer and love to see others smile or laugh. You love music and know how to sway your hips to the beat.
{Celebrating the 4th of July at the lake!}
One last thing…thank you, once again, for being such a great sleeper. You’ve transitioned to one nap from 1-4 p.m. and will take it anywhere I put you down (as long as it’s a dark, quiet room).  Just one of the many reasons we are so thankful to have you as our daughter.
Love, Mama and Daddy

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