Birthday Freebies

I celebrated my birthday earlier this week and have been enjoying some of the freebies that have been arriving in my inbox and mailbox. There are tons of birthday freebies to take advantage of, but these are some of my favorites:

1. Buy One Get One Free entree from Qdoba | 2. “happy birthday beautiful” Shampoo and Body Wash from Sephora | 3. Free Burger from Red Robin | 4. Free bowl of noodles from Noodles & Company | 5. Free personalized gift from Aveda | 6. Free entree from Moe’s | 7. Free drink (of any size) from Starbucks

Most of the deals extend days and even weeks past my actual birthday, so it feels like I’m still celebrating the fact that I’m another year older!

Sadly, though, in an attempt to use my free entree coupon at Moe’s at a birthday lunch with Ross, we discovered that the two Moe’s in Dearborn are gone. Both of them! We drove around Dearborn for the majority of Ross’s lunch hour. (Maybe that’s why he never takes an actual lunch break! Too stressful!) We finally decided to eat at a nearby Panera–a safe favorite. This one in particular is doing something crazy awesome–it’s now one of only a few non-profit, community Panera Cares restaurants. So, even if we didn’t get a free meal ourselves, perhaps our “donation” helped someone who really needs it to have one.

Anyone have any other favorite birthday freebies?

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