I did it again…

A while ago, I did away with the yellow in our kitchen and repainted it the same neutral, warm grey that is on other walls in our house. Well, this week, we said goodbye to the yellow in Analiese’s room, too. With all of the colors in the curtains and other decor in the room, the yellow walls started making me a little crazy. Hello, white!

You may notice that the arrangement has changed slightly as well. As much as I liked the crib between the two doors, once Analiese started standing in her crib, we had to move her away from all of those frames hanging within arms reach. I’m planning to rehang the mobile above the crib and the photo collage wall will move to the opposite wall, above the dresser. I’m still figuring out what to do on the wall between the two doors…maybe shelves?

We chose the same warm white (Benjamin Moore’s White Down) that is in our bedroom upstairs and I love it. It makes the room feel clean and crisp.¬†And now, our entire house is painted three complimentary neutral tones giving us the ability to decorate cohesively throughout the house. Score!

I just love all of the white on white!

Ever since I saw this design board by Joni of Lay Baby Lay, I’ve been wanting to completely redecorate Analiese’s room with a softer color palette. Ross has convinced me to wait until she’s in a big girl bed to do anything drastic because we’ll have to get new bedding anyway. But in the meantime, the neutral walls are helping me to embrace the current, bright color scheme once again. Hopefully, Analiese likes it, too. (Thanks for sleeping in the pack n play for a few days, Baby Girl!)

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  1. I love it!!! Everything looks so clean and crisp! Good job…you did pick a pretty hot week to paint though:) Can’t believe Analiese is getting old enough for you to even think or talk about a big girl bed! Hugs to you all!

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