Design Board: Aviary Warmth Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Another appropriate title to this post would be: “Happy Birthday MommyO!”

A few months ago, my mom fell in love with a piece of art from Home Goods. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t go with anything in their house. I shared this thought with her, but she insisted on buying it. Since then, it has taken up residence in a closet…somewhere. I know how much my mom likes the piece of art and I know she’d love to update the master bedroom and bathroom at some point, but things like that always seem to take a back seat to other priorities (who can’t relate to that?). So, I thought it would be a fun inspiration piece to use for a design board. Maybe they’ll use it some day. If not, it was still fun (and somewhat of a challenge, to be honest) to create this for her.

My mom has mentioned that she’d like to repaint their whole house. Based on my own experience, I’m suggesting Benjamin Moore’s ever-popular Coastal Fog¬†throughout, including in their bedroom and bathroom. If they wanted to do something fun and unique in their room, they could paint the ceiling a very light blue like Farrow & Ball’s Borrowed Light.

On to the board…

  1. I actually saw this piece of art pop up on apartment therapy a few weeks after my mom purchased it. I immediately thought, “that is a LOT of flowers” and it may not be the best piece for my parent’s master bedroom afterall. But as I started clicking away to find more inspiration, everything started coming together. Ultimately, I think the piece of art would be best in their bathroom, above the bath tub.
  2. I love this rug from West Elm and think it would be perfect in their bathroom in front of their double vanity. They’ve always had two small rugs, but there’s definitely space for a larger rug like this one. I think the mustard color would compliment the art nicely.
  3. The mirror in the bathroom is one of those enormous rectangular ones that doesn’t have a frame. I saw something unique on pinterest a while ago where two of these Ikea mirrors were placed on top of the big mirror. Of course, I can’t find it now. I liked how it looked and thought it might be a solution to such an overwhelmingly large, and boring mirror.
  4. A tray in between the two sinks is a must for color and organization. This one from Crate and Barrel would do the trick. Of course, it should be accompanied with a few other bathroom organizing must haves.
  5. How cool. A wine rack for storing towels. They have the perfect place for this – in between two doors. This is something to keep an eye out for at stores like Home Goods, Tuesday Morning, etc.
  6. White towels!
  7. White bedding! Down comforter + white duvet + white sheets = perfection. With color being brought into the room by way of art and other fabrics, white bedding is easy on the eyes and easy to clean. They have a king-sized bed and have struggled to find king-sized pillows that they actually like. I’m not exaggerating when I say that they have eight king-sized pillows floating around the house that no one uses because they aren’t comfortable. They seem comfortable in the store, but fall short once they’re home. I think hotels have the right solution: 3-4 standard-sized pillows versus 2 king-sized pillows.
  8. White curtains! I’ve always loved this look, but they are a bit pricey. My go-to curtains are these from Ikea. They are inexpensive and look lovely when hung. I prefer to cut off the tabs, hem the top and use ring clips instead. I think they would be perfect to create these fun ruffled curtain panels I found via pinterest.
  9. A solid colored bedspread like this chocolate one from Ikea would be a good addition to the foot of the bed. It’s also handy for chilly nights.
  10. A few 18×18 throw pillows in this Vintage Plumes fabric would add depth and interest to the bed. Ikea’s down pillow inserts are cheap and comfy!
  11. My dad gave my mom a cushioned bench for her birthday a few years ago. Recovering the cushion in this Maze Work Brindle fabric would give it a nice face lift and be perfect at the foot of the bed or under the window. I think an additional throw pillow in this fabric would tie everything in.
  12. Although I don’t think it needs to be this big, an upholstered headboard using this Vintage Blossom fabric would be sa-weet! The size and color would mimic the rug in the bathroom, too.
  13. Cavallini paper and calendars are a great source for really cheap art. This Flora & Fauna calendar would be great to cut, mat and frame in a series. The bright colors would pair well with those of the piece of art in the bathroom.
  14. And what shall you frame it with, Dear Liza, Dear Liza? My go-to frames are Ikea’s Ribba frames. I heart them as evidenced by the fact that they are all over our house.
  15. An oversized, gold initial from Hobby Lobby on the wall or leaning on a dresser along with some framed family photos would add a bit of personalization to the room.
  16. I love using trays to organize and group things. This tray from West Elm is a beauty and adds a bit of sophistication to the overall look of the room. One on each night stand would make the everything look like it’s supposed to be there even if it’s not. It also wouldn’t hurt to check out the selection of trays at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn Fabric. I’ve been impressed with their Home Accent section lately.
  17. Who doesn’t want a set of bird bookends? Details like this help tie the room together.
  18. I think the biggest thing that this large room lacks is overhead lighting. A black chandelier like this one over the bed would look amazing and draw your eyes up to the faintly colored ceiling.
Mom, I hope you like your design board. And I hope we get to do a room makeover some day soon! Love you!

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  1. I feel so lucky to have such a creative and innovative daughter to help me activate the “refresh” button on my home decor! I like it all as presented here and on the pages of ideas you left behind after your visit this week. Dad and I have some work to do!

    Thank you Heather :)
    Love you,

  2. Heather,I agree with your mom. You are so talented and I do hope they go ahead and do their bedroom as you suggest.

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