Happy Halloween

…from our little fairy princess!

For the record, I did not make anything myself this year. My cousin purchased the tutu from Etsy as a gift last year. I was so happy to use it for Analiese’s costume this year. I purchased the wings from Buy Buy Baby and borrowed the crown from a friend. Voila. Cheap, but cute costume. In other words, it was a lot easier than last year.

The Hello Kitty basket was Analiese’s Easter basket from my parents last year. The tights are from The Children’s Place, purchased at a garage sale.

The coat is from H&M. Yes, it’s white. Yes, I know it will need to be washed a lot. This was a last minute addition to the ensemble because it was cold outside and Analiese was fighting a runny nose and cough.

Analiese is very good at holding hands with friends these days. A’s friend, S, was way over the moment and Analiese kept holding on for dear life long after the photos were taken and cameras were put away.

These pictures were taken at our church’s Trunk or Treat event on Saturday. There was a great turn out despite the cooler temperature. There was chili to keep everyone toasty warm. Ours won!

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  1. Oh my gosh! She looks adorable! Great costume! LOVE the crown! And congrats on being the prize winner for the chili cook off!

  2. This is scary…I was about to write the same exact statements as Bev…word for word! OK, so something different…What a cute little princess :) Thanks for explaining about the Chili cook off because it explains all the crock pots on the table behind Analiese. Also, I am curious about your chili since you told me you weren’t sure what you would make…was it Texas style, white bean or something else? Glad it was a great time overall!

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