2011 Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition REVEAL!

And I’m back with my fabric pom pom reveal!

As I mentioned before, my inspiration came from these lovelies.

My supplies and method–mostly to avoid a massive amount of hot glue mess–differed slightly from the original tutorial, but the results were just about perfect:

Here’s how it went down:


  • Fabric
  • Straight pins (instead of hot glue)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pen or marker
  • Something circular to trace
  • Styrofoam balls (instead of paper lanters)

{ Step 1: Trace circles onto fabric. }

{ Step 2: Cut out circles. By far, this is the most time consuming step in the process. }

{ Step 3: Take one circle, fold it in half…}

{ …and then in half again. Yes, this is very similar to this method. }

{ Step 4: Using a straight pin, secure folded piece of fabric to styrofoam ball. Burlap proved to be a little tricky since it has so many holes. I had to find a spot where the threads overlapped. Even still, it’s quite delicate! }

{ Step 5: Continue folding a pinning pieces of fabric. I chose to do mine in groups of 4 all over the styrofoam ball. }

I chose to do two more to create a group of three like my inspiration photo. Most things look better in groups of three anyway, right? The two other pom poms were made from a men’s XL dress shirt. Each ball took an entire shirt. The ivory one was originally white, but I dyed the fabric with tea bags first.

Thank you to Sherri, Katie, Ana and Erin for motivating me to get this project done.

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  1. I found your post from the Pinterest Challenge :) These look incredible! I really want to do something with burlap this fall so I will definitely keep this in mind! Very nice!

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