Analiese: 21 Months

This one is very late! My apologies to our patient blog readers.

Dear Analiese,

The beginning of the month surprised us with some very warm, sunny days. We were outside as much as possible–parks, the zoo, Greenfield Village…anything to savor the last few days of warmth!

You are quite ambitious when it comes to climbing and exploring.

And you know how to give yourself a good laugh.

You are so very confident and independent, too. We marvel at how easy it is to drop you off at the gym’s child center, or the kid’s room at a new church. Most of the time, though, we find you playing by yourself, enjoying the bustling of other kids around you. We’re told this is totally normal.

Our trip to Washington DC marked your third time in an airplane. Now, whenever you hear an airplane, you pause and try to find it in the sky. A proud “there it is!” usually follows even if the plane is no where in sight.

Since you love to color with crayons, I introduced you to paint. You were SO focused on what you were creating! It’s beautiful!

We celebrated your 21st month in Bloomington, Indiana, where your Daddy, Mama, Gigi and Grandpa went to college. It was surreal to stroll the same paths we once walked as hurried students with a toddler in a stroller. Gigi and Grandpa bought you your first IU sweatshirt as well as a teddy bear with a little red hoodie. You affectionately refer to him as “hood”.

As the weather has begun to cool, you love wearing hats!

“Gigi? Papa? Gigi? Papa?” was what we all heard immediately after you awoke every day! It warms their hearts to know that you know who they are and you can’t wait to spend time with them.

Love to you, Baby Girl!
Mama and Daddy

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