Basement Progress: All Walled Up

If you’ve followed our very sporadic and slow process of remodeling our basement, you may recall when we first began, started tackling some of the nitty gritty issues, got new windows, and began building frames for the walls.

It’s been quite an adventure with a few emotional ups and downs, but Ross termed it as his current “hobby” the other night, so I guess we’re doing ok in terms of our feelings towards the whole thing.

Ross diligently spent weekends and week nights before and after Analiese went to bed to finish up the framing and insulating so that we were ready for someone to hang the drywall before the holidays.

He finished framing in the work out room:

…around a corner pipe that we needed to have future access to in case of any issues:

{ The square opening at the front will have an access panel installed into it. The top will be fashioned with some distressed wood that will be used elsewhere in the room as a feature. }

…the inside of the closet:

{ We insulated the interior walls to provide a sound barrier more than for temperature control. }

…and the fireplace, which he worked on during the dry wall installation:

{ I’m sad that we didn’t get a picture of what the fireplace area looked like once it was all framed and before the dry wall covered it up. You can also see here that we have the electrical roughed in, too. We hired someone to do that part, as well. }

We are SO glad we hired someone else to hang and mud the dry wall. What a tedious and messy process that is!

We really liked the guy that did the dry wall. He was recommended to us by a friend from church who is in the construction industry. However, we discovered, that he is not a perfectionist. When the mudding and taping was finished, he offered to prime everything (for a price, of course), so that if there were any imperfections, he could fix them right away. We kindly turned him down (we’re pretty experienced painters since we did the entire rest of the house ourselves) and asked if we could mark the spots we notice as we go along. He agreed to come back and take care of those imperfections. So, we marked away…

{ See how great that wall looks!? We decided that since the fireplace would not take up the same width as the tv hole above it, we should do something with the space around it. Built-in shelving was the obvious answer, even though it looks like space for a sound system from the 1990’s. The center hole above the fireplace may work well for a center speaker, though. We’ll see. I’m leaning more towards functional, yet decorative shelving space. }

…and away…

{ I LOVE how the windows look! }

…and away…

{ The flexible duct that snakes through the closet is the rerouted vent to our kitchen. }

He laughed when he saw all of them, but we’re pretty sure he didn’t pay very close attention to how well he fixed them. It’s ok, though, we know we are oddly picky about things and if we have to do some sanding ourselves, we’ll do it. In fact, it’s one of the first projects I can actually help with. Time to get out my mask! And, if you can look past the blue tape, you can start to see our basement taking shape, which we are very excited about!

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