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A friend recently mentioned that she has gotten rid of all of her cook books because she makes everything she finds on Pinterest. Not a bad idea. Because, let’s be honest, if it’s been pinned, it’s probably really really good.

As hungry as I am these days–as in ALL THE TIME HUNGRY–it’s still hard to figure out what is going to satisfy my appetite. I end up snacking a lot throughout the day, but I usually want something really yummy for dinner. I’m sure Ross doesn’t mind that philosophy either since he eats the same thing–by choice–every day for lunch during the work week. He’s had little variation on his packed lunch since he was in grade school. No joke.

So, I’ve adopted her menu planning idea and have shopped for and prepared a few meals I’ve pinned onto my Food Love¬†board. I noticed that there are a lot of Mexican dishes on there!

Tonight we had Chicken Enchilada Pasta:


YUMMY! Definitely a recipe keeper. We all–including Analiese–cleaned our plates. We topped ours with sour cream and avocado. I didn’t have any tomatoes otherwise I would have added a few to mine and A’s. And I just don’t like green onions at all, so those were left off, too.

I’ve also wanted to make use of my crock pot more because it just seems to make cooking a meal so much easier than standing at the stove while A begs for my attention and repeats “sit there mama?” over and over again. And since I’m a veteran freezer-cooker, this assortment of freezer/slow cooker meals was appealing. The three recipes call for many of the same vegetables, so it made the shopping and chopping process more efficient.


We tried the Healthy Mama Barbecue Chicken first and all enjoyed it even though it didn’t have a very strong BBQ flavor to it. I was skeptical of the big pieces of onion and skin on the sweet potatoes, but it was really delicious…and full of good stuff, which makes me like it even more.

We tried the Goulash next and thought it was good, too, but not as flavorful as the first meal. Analiese was not a fan, but I think that was mostly because of the meat. I’m glad I didn’t use as many beets as the recipe called for. In fact, instead of dicing them, I used a puree I had frozen from when I tried out Jessica Seinfeld’s Deliciously Deceptive cook book. They blended well this way and the beet flavor was subtle.

We haven’t tried the Chicken Curry, but I think it will be a good one.

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  1. Hey Heather, Thanks so much for passing along my recipes. What do you think would have made the BBQ recipe more flavorful. I would love some tips and help updating the recipes. Thanks! :)

    1. Hey Stephanie! I actually really liked the BBQ recipe, it just didn’t have a strong BBQ taste. Maybe adding BBQ sauce would do the trick, but I liked the recipe itself as is. Thanks so much for the recipes!

  2. Love freezer meals! We also tried the Healthy Mama BBQ Chicken and would agree – not really a BBQ taste, but still good! I especially liked how many veggies were in the recipe. We’ll have to try the Curry one soon! And by the way, when I was still prego, I made scones and froze them based on your recommendation and have loved the convenience of them when nursing in the morn!

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