Basement Progress: Chocolate Covered Ceiling

In our last basement update, we left you with a series of pictures that showed everything all wrapped up in plastic to protect our primed walls from being sprayed with paint.

It’s a good thing we took that preventative measure because this was the aftermath of said paint:

Doesn’t it look like a scene right out of 24? I think it’s scary and I’m thankful Analiese and I hit the road for the weekend while Ross went to town with this baby:

He rented it from Home Depot and soon learned that there was a bit of a learning curve in how to use it well. We also learned that we needed a LOT more paint than we anticipated. We calculated the square footage of the ceiling earlier in the week and headed to Lowe’s to have Restoration Hardware’s “Chocolate”┬ácolor matched to Valspar’s Signature paint in a flat finish. We got three gallons. Ross picked up an additional 5 gallons the next day! Apparently all of those joists add up in square footage, too.

He also got a sweet painting suit of which he failed to take a picture of himself in. Boo.

Ross called me while I was in the car en route to Cincinnati when he was about halfway done and said, “It’s really drippy.” Looking through this pictures, I see what he means!

Thankfully, though, the wood soaked up a lot of the extra paint.

Some drips can be seen on the pipes and duct work that are metal, but we can go back and sand some of those down and do some touching up with a brush:

This pipe decided it was too good for the paint, but it will eventually be covered with some nice crown molding:

Ross was a little more conservative with the paint towards the end, which created a few less drips. However, it also left a few spots that will need some touching up so the bare wood underneath is not as visible:

Overall, it looks great. SO much time was spent cleaning the ceiling up as much as possible–moving wires out of the line of sight, sanding joists, rerouting pipes and duct work, dusting–so that the final step of painting it would be that much more rewarding. Rewarding, it was!

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