Birthday Party Details

As you know, Analiese turned 2 a few weeks ago and we had a small party at our house to celebrate. We invited family from out of town and a few close friends. Any gathering at our house seems to feel very intimate because of the limited space, but sometimes those are the best kind of parties.

For the most part, I tried to use items I already had to decorate (like the pink ruffle pillow above). But, I also had a ton of fun ideas I wanted to implement that required picking up a few things. Like…

…scrapbook paper for a “Happy Birthday Analiese” banner. I finally got to use my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the letters and a template for the white fabric banner pieces. I stitched everything together with one straight stitch.

{ The You Are So Loved print came with a Christmas gift I received this year. }

…balloons. Analiese LOVES balloons right now, so this was a given. I also printed photos of her throughout the year and tried to get at least one with her and each party guest. The green pom pom garland is a Christmas decoration I had just put away and quickly retrieved when I realized how well it would work with everything else.

…ribbon for the cake platter top (inspiration found here) and milk bottles.

{ The milk bottles and straws were left over from K’s baby shower a few months ago. }

We served baked macaroni and cheese, pulled pork sandwiches and salad for lunch. The chocolate and strawberry milk accompanied the peach cake and fruit.

It was a fun party and I loved seeing Analiese surrounded by the people who love her and make her the happiest. My baby is 2!

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