It’s a…

We had the ever-anticipated 18-20 week ultrasound appointment this week and are excited to announce the gender of Baby Chasey #2! Just as with Analiese, we couldn’t wait to find out and are ready to start planning another nursery. Well, at least one of us is excited about that part.

However, this one wasn’t quite as cooperative as Analiese was–always in a strange position and then moving around just as we were about to get a good image. Stubborn little one. It was a long ultrasound, but thankfully, the technician was as determined as we were to find out the sex.

We were most excited to come home and share the news with Baby’s big sister. So, we thought it appropriate for her to share the news with you…

That’s right…it’s another girl! We are shocked (since two girls in a row is very rare in our families) and super excited (because they get to be sisters!).

We’re not sure how much of this Analiese is grasping just yet, but we do know that she is going to be a wonderful big sister to this little one.

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  1. Yay!!! Two girls in a row is perfect. Three is even better. :) I’m so happy for you. Praise God for that being the only stressful part of the ultra sound. Thrilled!!!!

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