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We haven’t been very present on the blog lately. Just busy doing mothering and life stuff. I don’t really like to use the term “busy” because most everyone can say that they’ve been busy doing something. Our lives have been full. How’s that?

In the midst of working on the basement, potty training (a topic for a different post), traveling and the daily stuff, I’ve been picking away at a few things here at home. I’ve been inspired by J&S’s self-imposed challenge to take care of some of those projects around the house that have been on the to-do list for way too long.

Here’s a snippet of what I’ve been able to check off lately:

Caulked bathroom vanity. 2 years. 2 years! We’ve ignored the fact that the unevenly applied, clear, silicone caulk around the top of our vanity has been slowly turning yellow. Gross. I finally grabbed the caulk gun and took care of it. Hello, straight, white line!

So much better.

Gallery “Us” Wall. We’ve had a stash of framed art, keepsakes and photos that we’ve been collecting behind a chair in our bedroom since we had a bedroom to store them all in. They all have special meaning–art from places we’ve traveled to, our wedding “guest book”, my pressed wedding bouquet, photos from our wedding day and of Analiese, a photo of us when I was pregnant with Analiese, a “C” for Chasey. And I finally put it all to use. An “us” wall as I like to refer to it.

{ Framed cork board – wedding gift, wedding guest book frame }

{ Blue and white painting of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence Italy – purchased from a street artist during my 6 week mission trip to Florence in college, wedding photos, “C” from Urban Outfitters, watercolor print of the Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico – originally painted by Ross’s dad’s cousin while on a yoga trip and also a memory of our honeymoon }

{ Our baby girl growing up in photos, acrylic painting purchased at the Plymouth Art in the Park two years ago, maternity photo, my wedding bouquet }

I love the mixture of color and black white, as well as photos and non-photos. And somehow they all tied into our subtle blue and turquoise color scheme in our bedroom.

(Not too) high and wide curtains. I was a little ambitious with the whole “high and wide” philosophy when I hung our living room curtains the first time. For months, I’ve been wanting to bring them in just a few inches, but the entire process of taking the rod down, removing the brackets, drilling holes for new ones, filling the old ones, sanding and painting was always so daunting. Until one day, during nap time, I decided to just do it. What a difference!





I am always changing things around in our house, but don’t always capture them here. I am not a very good blogger, but when I get to check off things that I’ve been meaning to do for months and months, I have to share it!

Lights are being installed in the basement today and Ross is picking up our doors from Lowe’s as I write this. Things are happening! More basement updates to come soon.

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  1. All of them look really good! Those little details make a big difference, especially when you look at them every day! Great job:) Especially love the arrangement of art (that most recent pic of Analiese is a hoot)!

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