Little Sister

She has a name! We announced to our families and anyone else who has asked recently our name for Baby Girl #2!

We decided to stick with family names again. If you recall, Analiese is named after her great-grandmother, Annaliese, and her Nana, Christine.

Hayden is actually named after her dad, whose first name is Hayden. Ross’s great grandfather was also named Hayden Ross, but went by “Ross”. We love the name Hayden and are so happy to call our second daughter by that name. Sadly, though, there isn’t a great meaning behind the name Hayden. In German, it means “heathen” (yikes!) and in English it literally means “valley with hay“. Sorry about that, sweet girl. At least it sounds cool.

The first Hayden Ross’s wife’s name was Catherine, but went by “Kate”. We think the two names sound great together and plan to call her by both. Thankfully, the meaning of Kate is something we do like: pure.

Analiese is starting to grasp this whole baby-in-mama’s-belly thing and even refers to her by her name. So cute! She also thinks everyone has a baby in their belly, including Daddy and random ladies we meet in airports and grocery stores.

We are all very excited to meet Hayden Kate in July!

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  1. Perfect! Mary means “sorrow” and we were hesitant to name MC that for that reason. But really, God chose a Mary to deliver our greatest joy to this Earth and to me that negated the meaning. Just the same, Hayden Kate’s Daddy is a godly man who serves Him and that trumps the meaning any day.

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