6-8 Weeks Project: Introduction

I am about two months away from my due date, July 3. We’re about to add sweet baby girl to our family, and Analiese is about to become a big sister.

If this pregnancy is at all similar to the first (Analiese was due on her due date), then I figure we have about 6-8 weeks to go for this one. At least, let’s hope we’re on the earlier end versus the later one. To remember our last days as a family of three, I’m starting a new project. The 6-8 Weeks Project. I will document each day with a photograph and a few sentences, and at the end I will compile them all into a keepsake book for Analiese. I’ll also share them with you here weekly.

To start out, here is the first one from May 3:

Today we are two months away from your little sister’s due date, and soon you will be a big sister. It was a beautifully warm and breezy day so we set up your bubbles on the grass in the backyard. You are very serious about bubble blowing.

Note: I am a big fat copy-cat and borrowed this idea from Nicole at Making It Lovely.

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  1. Such a wonderful idea! I wonder where she gets her serious on-task demeanor? Love this update and can’t wait for more. Love you all, Nana O

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