6-8 Weeks Project: Week 5

I’m taking a photograph of Analiese each day until the new baby arrives to document our last 6-8 weeks as a family of three. I have fallen way behind on posting, but have kept up with taking a photos each day. Here is week 5:

You jumped at the opportunity to wear your rain coat and boots out to walk Parker with Daddy this morning. Not much later, you and Mama headed out to Bible study while Daddy stayed home and worked on the basement…getting close to being done!

We were out and about this morning before your nap. First we went carpet shopping where you were given a toy that makes a funny sound and then we made a quick stop at Lowe’s. You and Daddy hung out in the car for that one. You snacked on Cheerios and listened to music.

You are sniffling and coughing a little, so we kept you close at church. You missed your friends, but enjoyed being in the service for the music part. Later in the afternoon, you helped Daddy in the yard with your tools.

Your swim lessons are going great in the sense that you do everything Miss Erin asks you to do so well. However, in between, while the other kids are with Miss Erin, you cry and cry! We went to the library afterwards which always makes you happy.

We LOVE hearing your sweet voice ask for things so politely with “please” and “thank you”. We don’t love the reaction when we have to say no to your requests. We laugh (and try to correct) your tendency to point with your middle finger.

We took a walk to Kellogg Park this morning to play by the fountain and blow bubbles. A commercial was being filmed so all of the cameras and people buzzing around was fun to watch. You are enjoying getting pushed in the stroller again now that the weather is so nice.

Sometimes we don’t have the best listening days. This was one of them. Sometimes you get a very mischievous look on your face. We’re on to you, Baby Girl. You also think it’s fun when Mama tells you to run somewhere and then come back, which is what you’re doing here.

You have a friend named Agathe who is a few years older than you. And you adore her. Some day very soon you will get to be that older girl in a little girl’s life. She will be your sweet sister, Hayden Kate. We can’t wait to watch you two grow up together.

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  1. We’re catching up again. Analiese leads a very active life, and I don’t know how her monny keeps up with her. The new room is beautiful. Hope you resting in-between all the activities.
    love, grandma and grandpa

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